EdgeData – Advancing the wind industry with BladeEdge, a software portal that transforms raw data and blade-condition assessments into actionable intelligence.


Autovol is a first-of-its-kind automated modular construction factory. Robots do the backbreaking labor with speed and precision. Solutioneers practice the trades with pride and joy. Communities get higher quality housing in less time at less cost.


A private equity investment company focused on investing in commercial real estate, multifamily housing and AI manufacturing.

Esprit Enterprises

A lead-generation company focused on supporting the financial and insurance industries.


A SaaS company developing customized 3D product configurators and sales methodologies to dramatically increase revenues for retailers. Inventor of ShedView.


The first mobile app for stock traders using patent-pending, multi-factor ranking systems to analyze market and company financial information.

SAVI Solutions

A security and business intelligence company supporting retail, c-store and grocery businesses. Exited in 2018.


Doubling conversion rates with intelligent chat nurturing.


Lowering the cost of home ownership through modular building.


The Nanodropper is the only FDA-listed, volume-reducing adaptor for eyedrop bottles.

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